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Gourmet Everyday Delivery

Gourmet Everyday Delivery

Starting a weight loss plan can be very overwhelming.  It demands lifestyle changes that require commitment, discipline and hard work.  Most people start full steam ahead, but our enthusiasm can fade over time making it easy to give in to temptation.  Without a firm plan in place where the food comes from, we are often left making less than healthy impulsive choices that can lead us off track and into old habits.

If this pattern sounds familiar, the behavior is both predictable and preventable.  There has never been a better time to declare a permanent healthier eating lifestyle than when starting out a new life together.  Since cooking time may be at a minimum during the planning process it’s necessary to secure a safe supply of healthy foods in order to stay on track.  Regardless of who cooks the foods, the chef must follow the proper healthy cooking rules for the plan.

Gourmet Everyday supplies the perfect solution for the healthy meals by relieving the stress of menu planning, shopping, chopping, weighing, measuring, cooking and cleaning.  We organize the perfect program and deliver a freshly prepared, delicious version of the prescribed diet necessary in order to reach your goals.  Feel instantly relieved that Gourmet Everyday has taken all the steps to make sure that every meal will be a healthy one.  Partnering the food plan with these helpful tips powered by Gourmet Everyday will guarantee the weight loss results for your biggest day.

PICK ONE GOAL AT A TIME- It improves focus and prevents feeling overwhelmed.

VISUALIZE YOURSELF AS SUCCESSFUL-Holding that image in your mind is the first step to reaching your goals.

MAKE YOUR GOAL MEASURABLE, REALISTIC AND TIME BASED-Safe and sustainable weight loss occurs at 1-2 pounds per week.

BE SPECIFIC-Write out very clear goals to help maintain focus.

BE PERSISTANT- It takes 21-66 days to make a new habit.  Keep at it until it becomes automatic for you.

BUILD MODERATION INTO IT-Once a day, and once a week, allow for some flexibility with your diet.  Some controlled freedom from time to time will prevent feeling “stuck” or “deprived”

PLAN YOUR SUCCESS-Plan your meals in advance and make sure the food source is a healthy one.

TRY SOMETHING NEW- Try some new recipes and dishes.  It is a great way to prevent menu boredom.

GET A PARTNER-Having a partner increases your chances of success and builds in support for both people.

KEEP IT SIMPLE-If cooking all your meals becomes overwhelming, lets the experts help. can remove cooking frustration and can more than double the weight loss of a traditional exercise program alone.


Michelle Kobernick holds a degree in exercise, science and health and has expertise and passion for great food and wellness. In 2005, she created Gourmet Everyday with a talented team including a nutritionist, physician and chef to design healthy meal plans. They designed the perfect blend of fine dining and scientifically tailored nutrition to support each individual’s unique dietary needs and requirements. Customers manage their weight effortlessly and are more satisfied at mealtime. Order from your desk and have deliciously healthy meals delivered directly to your home. For more information, call 248.398.5559 or visit their website at