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Invitation Etiquette:  Choosing the right wording

You’ve set the date, found a venue and even selected the perfect invitation.  Now, comes the hard part.  How do you find just the right words to include step parents, siblings, significant others, deceased parents and more?

Fortunately, there is no right way anymore to extend your invitation, via a printed gesture, to guests on behalf of yourself or others.  Many formalities have gone by the wayside in lieu of more modern approaches that tend to be inclusive rather than exclusive and accommodate blended families, as is often the case.

Whether you are planning a wedding for yourself or your daughter, celebrating a Bar Mitzvah or throwing a bridal shower, Invites Ink! has more than a decade of experience in helping families craft just the right message.

Criteria to consider when choosing or writing your invitation message:

  • How formal is the affair?
  • Are parents throwing the wedding?
  • Are the parents of the bride and groom involved?
  • Are there step parents to consider?
  • How do you include parents if you and your fiancé are planning/paying for your own wedding?
  • What if a parent is deceased?  Does his/her name appear on the invitation?
  • Is the ceremony going to be held in a religious sanctuary or a reception/banquet space?

Here are some samples to help you with your wedding invitation wording:

Sample 1: Bride and Groom’s parents sharing in the wedding planning/expense equally

Mr. and Mrs. David Green

Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenberg

Request the honour of your presence

At the marriage of their children

Amy Lynn Green


Steven Andrew Rosenberg

Sample 2: Bride and Groom giving the wedding

Amy Lynn Green


Steven Andrew Rosenberg

Request the pleasure of your company

At their wedding


Sample 3: Mother re-married, father deceased

Mr. and Mrs. Michael John Davies

Request the honour of your presence

At the marriage of her daughter

Jennifer Marie Forrester

For help with other invitation etiquette questions, feel free to connect with Terri.