A.  Ask for referrals from a friend.
B.  Budget; What can I afford?
C.  Checklist: Caterer; Centerpieces; Candle lighting ceremony; Cake; Challah
D.  Develop a plan of attack
E.  Enjoy the process – don’t stress out
F.  Frugal yet still fabulous
G.  Games; Give-aways; Goody bags
H.  Harmony
I.   Invitations…E-vites, e-responses
J.  Justify your needs/expenses; look at priorities and don’t forget to compromise
K.  Kids…don’t forget to consider what they want
L.  Location, Location, Location…is it convenient for you and others
M. Music – live vs. DJ
N.  Neighbors.  Great for extra freezer space, especially if you are doing your own baking, etc.
O.  Open-minded yet objective; everyone wants things “their” way
P.  Party planner…consider help from professional event planners
Q.  Quiet time…take a nap, watch Oprah, smell the flowers
R.  Research; Do your homework
S.  Solicit your friends/relatives to help…don’t be afraid to ask
T.  Theme; Do you have one?
U.  Understanding your spouse/child’s point-of-view
V.  Voice your opinion but don’t make it a competition…again, compromise
W. Welcome your out-of-towners. Remember, they spent money to come to your event
X.  X-Ray…put the spotlight on the main reason/purpose for the party in the first place
Y.  You deserve a pat on the back for getting it done!
Z.  ZEN – Peace of mind